Research & Development

Léon DesRoches is the founder of Sparx Innovation, a research and development company, that focuses on creating new innovative ideas in order to decrease musculoskeletal injuries in the workforce.


Léon DesRoches, holds two Bachelor’s degrees one in Kinesiology from the Université de Moncton (N.B.) and the other in physiotherapy from Dalhousie University (N.S.).  Currently, he will be completing his Doctorate in the Science of Physiotherapy this year, from Andrews University in Michigan (US).  His interest in biomechanics has given him the opportunity to work in collaboration with Dr. Nancy Black, Ph. D., professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Université de Moncton on prototypes focused on decreasing repetitive musculoskeletal injuries. 


The Sparx Innovations researchers will be testing a new innovative workstation designs to significantly decrease musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace in early January 2011.  New upcoming innovative projects are also scheduled for late spring 2011.  


For more information on upcoming projects, research, and development, please contact Leon DesRoches at (506) 857-8888 or